morning gathering

Our hope each week is to provide an opportunity for you to experience the presence of God and be encouraged by the community of his followers. From 1030am to noon, we strive to glorify God by worshipping through music, studying scripture, praying together, and celebrating communion. Our worship is a blend of old and new, the preaching is Biblical and personal, and all are welcome. We invite you to come as you are and go out equipped to accomplish the tasks God has prepared for you.

Kids own worship

During our adult and youth gathering, our children and preteens have a program just for them. They experience worship, teaching, prayer, and communion, but with a twist. Everything is geared to their energy level and learning styles.

All kids meet in the KICK Room (B27) at 1030am for video-led worship, then the preK - Kindergarteners head to their own classroom, while the 1st - 6th graders interact with the truths in the Bible in fun and engaging ways.

adult classes

We have multiple classes to help adults work trough the Bible and the doctrines of faith at 930am each Sunday. Each has a unique perspective and character.

  • The Gospel of John (for seniors), room A11, led by Bill Herman
  • The Truth Project, room A13, led by Derek Pottinger
  • Isaiah, room B11, led by Dave Smith
  • Ephesians, room B13, led by Mac Powers

Kids and youth programs

We have age-appropriate programs for children, preteens, and youth at 930am.

  • Preschool (3yo - preK), room B26, led by Cathy Craft & Kelly Jones
  • Kindergarten - 1st grade, room B27, led by Jessica Craft
  • 2nd - 3rd grade, room B21, led by Suzy McCoy
  • Grapple (4th - 6th grade), room B22, led by Katelyn Bates & Dave McInnis
  • veritology (7th - 8th grade), room B25, led by Krystal Brue, Dave McInnis, & Lori Siltman
  • veritology (9th - 12th grade), room B24, led by Shawn Brue, Jackie Green, & Kennth Priest