The Essentials

If one phrase could encapsulate what we’re about at Western Hills it would be "coming together to come to God". Our hope is that we can live lives of intentional community and service to Jesus Christ. We strive to help people develop a personal relationship with Him and provide opportunities for the followers of Christ to experience Him together.

We do this by focusing on five strategies:

Worship - exalting God above all other things, material and immaterial.

Prayer - communicating in many ways with the Father, Son, and Spirit.

Study - searching scripture to know God and discover His will for our lives.

Service - giving of ourselves to meet the needs of others.

Community - living our lives together.

What to Expect

Our service is fun and informal, but respectful. You will find contemporary music as well as hymns, and people are welcome to clap, raise a hand, or simply sing. We invite you to sing with us. Please feel free to stand or remain seated, whichever is most comfortable.

Following the sermon there will be a time of response. God’s Spirit works in our hearts in different ways. You might feel led to make a confession of faith in Jesus or to become a part of the Western Hills community. For many of us, He may be leading us to lean on Him. So we invite you to pray on your own, pray with others up front or around the room, or just reflect on what you’ve heard; the time belongs to you. 

This personal time is extends into communion. It is not forced on anyone, but anyone that believes is welcome to participate. If you choose not to participate, please help us by passing the trays on.

We also provide an opportunity for the people of God to celebrate His provision through tithes and offerings. Giving is from the heart, as God leads, and you need not feel obligated at all. 

If you have children (birth - 5th grade) we have programs designed specifically for them from 10.30 am to the end of the service (typically about 12.00 pm). If you’d like them to be a part these programs, you can check them in at the desk in the family life center lobby. For more information, see "Children".