Friday through Saturday, September 28-29 is our annual Jr High-only trip to Ozark Christian College! We have a great time worshipping, learning, and bonding. We stay in a hotel and eat as a couple of restaurants we don't have in Lawton.

You can secure your spot by getting your $25 registration fee in to Dave McInnis as soon as possible. Don't miss out!

The Event

Don't worry, High Schoolers, your trip to Ozark Christian College is Friday and Saturday, November 2-3. We'll worship and learn from some great ministers, and have more fun than you should be allowed to pack into 32 hours! We'll stay in a hotel and eat at some tasty restaurants.

To secure your spot, get your $25 registration fee to Dave McInnis right away!

More 2018-2019 events

Throughout the coming school year, there are several events we know you'll want to be a part of. Check out the list below and mark your calendars so you don't miss out!

Getaway (Jr High trip to Ozark) - Sept 28-29

Fall Break retreat - Oct 19-21

Fall Fest - Oct 31

The Event (High School trip to Ozark) - Nov 2-3

Believe (Jr High conference) - Jan 25-26

Escape - Mar 18-22