Building strong families

We believe that the single greatest means for making disciples and honoring God is the family. We want your family to be as healthy, strong, and Christ-centered as it can be.

To help you, we have found some incredible resources to help you become the best parents, children, and spouses that you can be. Check out the resources below and come back regularly for new tools to help strengthen your family.

Parent Cue app

If you're like most parents, you don't have lots of time to read books on parenting, but you do have a few minutes here and there to scroll through your phone. The Parent Cue app is an amazing resource to help you make the most of you precious little time (both the time in your day, and the time until your child graduates and moves our of your home).

Filled with ideas, tips, and tools to help you lead your child toward Christ, it may become the best thing you have on your phone! You can download the app at

20 meals in 40 days

Studies have shown that healthy families eat together on a regular basis. The What's For Dinner? Family Challenge is a great little booklet that helps you make the most of family meal time.

The guide has conversation starters, games and activities you can do at the table, a prayer guide, and lots of fun and funny ways to connect with each other. 

Download a digital version of the booklet here.

5 Love Languages

Dr Gary Chapman's groundbreaking book "The Five Love Languages" describes how we all "speak" love in different ways: Quality Time, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Words of Affirmation, and Acts of Service.

The trick is to learn which "language" each member of your family speaks, so that you can communicate your love in a way that they can understand. Download a Love Languages Personal Profile assessment for each member of your family.

RightNow Media

Think of it like the Netflix of practical Christian teaching. Literally thousands of videos from the best Christian teachers and leaders coving an almost endless range of topics. Parenting, marriage, Bible studies, spiritual development, leadership, finances, history, struggles, and on and on.

To get your free registration, go to the media section and click the link. You will be able to set up a personal username an password, and then you can fill your queue with whatever videos interest you.