Each Wednesday, a small group of women gather to enjoy each other's company and sew quilts that they give out at retirement homes each Christmas. Even if you don't know how to quilt, they'd love to have you join them on Wednesday mornings at 9am in the small kitchen.


The hikers are very active, and can frequently be found in the Wichita Mountains National Wildlife Refuge, making tracks in the dust. Led by Eddie and Teddy Worthington. The hikers have a lot of fun.

Square Dancing

Whether you're a competitive dancer or your haven't square danced since 4th grade gym, you're invited to join us Tuesdays at 630pm. We'll help you get up to speed, and in the mean time, you can get to know other great people!


We're looking for some people who would be willing to take pictures at our events so that we can share all the stuff going on  through our social media. If you've got an eye and a camera, contact Dave McInnis.